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Rats can transmit a number of serious diseases. They can be very persistent and if rats gain access into your home or business they can spread disease, cause damage and contaminate food.

One pair of rats shed more than 1 million body hairs each year and a single rat can leave up to 25,000 droppings.

Taking prompt action at the first sign of rats will ensure your problem can be quickly treated.

Alongside the health risks and damage rats can cause to your home, they breed at an exceptionally high rate.

 If you spot one, it’s unlikely they’re alone, so rat removal services should be sought after quickly.

And the bad news does not stop there! Rats can climb, swim, and love to gnaw on anything in sight to keep their long teeth in check. Plus, they can start producing babies at as little as 6 weeks and are capable of producing five litters a year – so it is easy to see how numbers can soon spiral out of control!

How To Get Rid of Rats

Discovering rats in your home or business can be very distressing.

On top of the health risks, rats have also been known to cause fires by chewing through wiring. They can even gnaw through wood, plastics and mild steel.

Professional rat control is the most effective and quickest way to get rid of rats. Expert treatments can prevent damage to your property and protect against diseases spread by this rodent.

Getting Rid of Rats

Are you worried about rats?

If you have spotted signs of rats, such as droppings or an unpleasant urine smell, it is time to get professional treatment.

Today’s Rodents Control Service

Our service begins with a thorough inspection of your property. This will help us to identify any potential shelters and assess the level of infestation by looking for common signs of rats.

Our technicians are able to provide customised, targeted treatments to guarantee complete control of your cockroach problem and help to prevent a re-infestation. Using Eco friendly IPM techniques and baits to ensure full cockroach pest control in Sharjah. We send Sharjah Municipality Approved and fully equipped pest exterminators who will give you up to 100% rodent-free home.

Our Service Benefits

Our professional rat control solutions provide safe and effective treatments for your home or business.

Our rat removal teams cover the Sharjah area and offer a superior service, which includes:

Surveys: Our technician surveys reveal areas of activity and potential rat access points.

Control and Eradication: We use various targeted, professional eradication techniques, including physical and stick pad trapping; the latest grain, wheat and pasta baits; and contact poisons.

Proofing: We will block off rodent access points, often found around pipes, air vents and other holes. Materials, such as wire-wool, mesh, specialist concrete fillers and sealants, are used to prevent the problem recurring in the foreseeable future.

Guaranteed rat control: All of our services come with an above industry standard guarantee.


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