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Termite control protects the value of your personal and commercial properties

Why does Sharjah have so many termites, compared to the rest of U.A.E?  It’s mainly about the heat combining with moisture.  Termites generally like the climate to have some heat to it, and Sharjah has that in spades.  Termites also tend to like moisture, as they are susceptible to dying from drought.  This means that the warmer spots in United Arab Emirates are termite havens, and it’s something that property owners need to anticipate and deal with.

All of our termite pest control solutions are guaranteed to work against most kinds of termite infestation in the quickest possible time with no hassles. Contact TBC Pest Control Sharjah for immediate termite pest treatment and prevention, our friendly staff will assist you with understanding what problem you have on your hands and arrange for our fully qualified pest controllers to visit your home or office for a property inspection and estimate.

Termite Inspections, Treatments Plus Pre-Purchase Building And Pest Control

Here at TBC Termite Control in Sharjah, we believe prevention is key when it comes to white ants. To provide the best pest control in Sharjah, we offer complete services (from inspection to treatment) by Sharjah Municipality Approved licenced technicians.

• Termite inspections.
• Complete pre-purchase building and pest inspections (PPIs).
• A Range of termite treatments.
• Prevention methods.

With our firm understanding of termites and their activity, we know that no two cases are the same. That is why we provide a wide range of treatments and prevention methods to suit your individual needs.


Termite Control Inspections and Treatments Across Sharjah

As well as providing thorough termite inspections with detailed reports, we offer a range of treatment methods.

Our environmental pest control is highly effective while being safe for:

• Beneficial organisms such as bees and worms.

We educate our clients and discuss the termite treatment methods available before recommending what we believe will offer the best results. All recommendations are customised for your property, needs and the termite species identified.

Our Termite Control Process:

  1. Identify the species.
  2. Locate the nest hub which includes the queen.
  3. Choose an appropriate treatment for the building, property and species type.

Independent Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Purchasing a home is a major investment. Before entering into a contract, get an independent pre-purchase building and pest inspection. This comprehensive inspection could save you thousands of dollars and stress.

Using advanced technology and years of experience, we thoroughly analyse the property from top to bottom. You are provided with a comprehensive report that will allow you to make an informed purchase decision.

Depending on the results of the report, some people are given the confidence to go ahead with the purchase. Others look to negotiate a better price to cover any repairs, prevention or treatments(*4).

Pre-Construction Pest Control for Sharjah

Construction sites are buffets for termites and other pests

Pre construction termite control will save you from potential termite problems that can be not only stressful but also very expensive. Our trained pre construction termite control specialists can give you peace of mind by choosing and installing the most appropriate termite management system for your house before it is even completed. We provide Sydney wide services. Call us now.

Why Is It Crucial To Apply Treatment Before Construction

very year, hundreds of Syharjah home owners discover thousands of dhirams in termite damage has been done to their homes right under their noses. This can be not only distressing but also costly. Surprisingly, few realise that termite damage could have been prevented simply by investing in termite control before their home was even built. Many home owners and surprisingly builders believe that the concrete slab will provide protection against termites by itself. It is true to certain extent, however sometimes foundations can shift causing cracks in the concrete slab.

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